• Aall & Co. Ltd.

    Aall is a family office based in the Cayman Islands with a presence in Japan and the United States.

    Aall serves the needs of its founding family as well as investments for a select group of high-net-worth individuals.

About Us

Aall & Co. Ltd. Aall originated as a trading, shipbroking and marine services company in Japan in 1904. The Monsen family assumed ownership in 1954. Over the past century Aall expanded into shipping related investments, real estate, and financial services. Aall Trust & Banking Corporation (AT&B), founded by Aall in the Cayman Islands in the 1970s, was sold to Cayman National Bank in 2004.

Headquartered in the Cayman Islands, Aall has ongoing relationships with investors and service providers in Japan, Europe and the United States. On behalf of the founding family and a select roster of clients, Aall actively co-invests with strategic partners within its fields of expertise.  Aall has a CIMA exempted license in the Cayman Islands which allows it to manage investments for sophisticated investors.



Aall holds legacy real estate assets globally which are considered passive, capital preservation positions.


Aall invests via private equity and credit across the spectrum of companies in their respective life cycle. This includes early stage technology enabled startups to lower middle market companies that are family run and operated with proven management teams and savvy operational acumen.


Aall’s public equity strategy consists long/short positions and the use of options to form a portfolio of publicly listed companies, Master Limited Partnerships, corporate debt, and preferred equities.


Aall invests in companies with proven management in the later stages of cash production. Aall’s representatives sit on the board of several of these companies to provide executive experience.

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M. Erik Monsen received a degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia and completed the ISMP executive course at Harvard Business School. Erik joined Aall in 1966 and later founded the Cayman Island holding company that included Aall Trust & Banking Corporation, Aall Investment Management, and Aall & Co. Ltd., Japan.

Erik assumed the presidency of Aall & Co. Ltd. in 1984 and in 1990 became President & CEO of Aall Group Inc. and Chairman of Aall Trust & Banking. Erik oversaw the creation of AallBarwil Japan and the eventual sale of Aall’s shares to Wilhelmsen Maritime Services, a division of Wilh. Wilhelmsen of Norway.

Today, Erik runs the Aall family office and manages investments in shipping, private equity, and real estate for high net worth individuals. Erik serves on the boards of ITA Bank and Trust, Apex Ltd., GATE Ltd., and other Aall associated companies. Erik resides in and is a citizen of the Cayman Islands. He is a Knight of the Norwegian Order of St. Olav.


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